Power Unit

The ultimate electrosurgical unit, aiming to reshape TCR procedures.


Full Electrode Range

Plasma EDGE provides a full range of – electrodes for the Operating room, enabling surgeons to perform exactly the surgical techniques that achieve the best clinical results for each patient.

Working Element Solution

Whether active or passive, get access to our Plasma EDGE technology, by simply switching to a Plasma EDGE working element. Offering a compatibility with any resectoscope brand.


Unlike other brands, labeled as bipolar but are modified monopolar devices, our Plasma EDGE solution, does not use the sheath as a return electrode. 

See and Treat Solution

Whether 5Fr twizzle electrode, or 15Fr resectoscope, our solution boasts durable, robust electrodes and sheaths to withstand the test of time.


Fields Of Application

From Polyps to Myoma to Endometriosis and septum all the way to Synechiae our PLASMA EDGE solution is designed to fit all you surgical needs.

User information

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