Versatile and effective, this system includes monopolar and bipolar outputs, Argon capabilities, Vessel Sealing technology, and Bipolar Plasma Resection.




Complete and user-friendly, this system features a wide touchscreen interface, offering both monopolar and bipolar options. With advanced technologies such as Vessel Sealing, Bipolar Plasma Resection and Argon Plasma Access 80 pre-registered program for efficiency, or tailor over 1000 customizable programs to suite your needs.

Vessel sealing

Precise and reliable, our Vessel Sealing technology offers multiple instruments that utilizes energy-based technology to safely and efficiently seal blood vessels and enhance overall surgical outcomes.


Electrosurgical Instruments

Our range of instruments, includes monopolar and bipolar forceps. Full range of reusable and single-use monoplar pencils, along with single use and resuable patient plates. Complete your toolkit with a full range of argon accessories.

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