Conventional Monopolar

12 Cutting effetcs

8 Coagulation effects

Specific Waveform, dedicated to endoscopic polypectomy

Argon Plasma coagulation for a complete solution for the hepatic and endoscopic surgeries

Double Team Coagulation for simultaneous coagulation from 2 monopolar outputs

Conventional bipolar

1 cutting effect

2 coagulation effects

Automatic Bipolar coagulation selection

Bipolar Plasma Resection

Bipolar plasma resection dedicated to bipolar TUR and hysteroresection

Vessel Sealing Power

Plug and Play technology with auto-recognition cable
Confirmation signal at the end of the sealing process
3 power levels

Used with our Vessel Sealing forceps range :

Thermocut 5/10 mm : Reusable cutting forceps

Thermoclamp : For open surgeries

Thermocision : For ENT surgeries ; seal, cut and dissect with only one instrument


Endosection power dedicated for polypectomy


For open surgery and digestive endoscopy, the argon module is housed in a separate unit built into a dedicated trolley.

A full range of instruments, including an electrosurgical pencil with various lengths of electrodes and endoscopic probes, is available.

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