Twizzle 5Fr

The Twizzle Tip electrode is the preferred instrument for tissue cutting, particularly well-suited for septum removals and the resection of endometrial polyps.

It is designed to be inserted into the 5Fr operative channel of a standard hysteroscope.

The handle is built with the cable attached directly to it, making it a TruBipolar bendable plasma tip.

Mini 5mm Resectoscope

The 5 mm resectoscope, with its small diameter, opens up new possibilities for performing resections, extending beyond the confines of the operating room. This enables the treatment of patients in the clinical outpatient setting using a see-and-treat protocol.

The 5 mm outer sheath diameter facilitates insertion for pain management.

The electrodes are built in with the cable directly attached, and the wire is designed to be robust enough to extract tissues.

The electrode is TruBipolar, therefore no power is carried on the resectoscope. This allows us to finish the cutting action inside the inner sheath safely and section the chip properly.



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