Thin loop
Thick loop
Vaporization electrode
Enucleation electrode
Needle electrode
Ball electrode
Straight electrode

Specifically designed to enhance TURBT procedures with a very thin wire which reduces the power required to generate Plasma.

Its large thickness and diameter are specifically designed to enhance large tissue cuts and wide coagulation spread during TURP procedures.

Whether it’s for full tissue removal or wall coagulation at the end of the surgery, the vaporization electrode provides instant activation.

The new PlasmaLEP TUEB solution stands as a solid viable alternative for complete adenoma enucleation.

Dedicated for bladder neck incision and TUIP

Dedicated for coagulation of the wall capsula at the end of a TURP

Primarily employed for bladder tumors situated at the anterior portion of the bladder, which may be challenging to access.

Handmade electrode

Each electrode is handmade and manufactured in our French factories and controled with 4000 volts.

This ensures a safe and long wire life, even in case of a large prostate resection.

Cable attached

Single Use cable attached to the electrode, therefore there’s no need to keep an extra cable and no risk associated with electrical connectivity on the working element, unlike other bipolar resection solutions.

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