Conventional Monopolar

6 Cutting effetcs

5 Coagulation effects

Specific Waveform, dedicated to endoscopic polypectomy

Argon Plasma coagulation for a complete solution for the hepatic and endoscopic surgeries

Conventional bipolar

2 different bipolar coagulation effects to chose from

Automatic Bipolar coagulation selection

Bipolar Plasma Resection

Bipolar plasma resection dedicated to bipolar TUR and hysteroresection

Vessel Sealing Power

Plug and Play technology with auto-recognition cable
Confirmation signal at the end of the sealing process
3 power levels

Used with our Vessel Sealing forceps range :

Thermocut 5/10 mm : Reusable cutting forceps

Thermoclamp : For open surgeries

Thermocision : For ENT surgeries ; seal, cut and dissect with only one instrument


Endosection power dedicated for polypectomy


For open surgery and digestive endoscopy, the argon module is housed in a separate unit built into a dedicated trolley.

A full range of instruments, including an electrosurgical pencil with various lengths of electrodes and endoscopic probes, is available.

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