Power Unit

The ultimate electrosurgical platform, aiming to reshape the treatment of BPH and bladder tumor.

Full Electrode Range

Plasma EDGE provides a full range of Trubipolar electrodes, enabling surgeons to perform all surgical techniques that achieve the best clinical results.

Working Element Solutions

Whether active or passive, get access to our Plasma EDGE technology by simply switching to a Plasma EDGE working element. Offering compatibility with most resectoscope brands.

Trubipolar™ Technology

All the energy is conducted inside the electrode and not into the resectoscope.

Enucleation solution

Boasting a unique design, that combines a strong mechanically pushed wire structure, and targeted energy that helps to cut and coagulate precisely where needed.

Fields Of Application

From TURP all the way to TURBT our PLASMA EDGE solution is designed to reach the best surgical outcomes in Urology.

User information

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