ARGON Plasma Coagulation is an electrosurgical technique using an ionized gas jet as a vector for high frequency coagulation flow, for rapid haemostasis of large areas and tissue devitalization.

The ARGON system includes :

  • An Argon flow control module
  • An electrosurgical platform delivering coagulation currents adapted ( to the ionization of Argon gas)
  • ARGON plasma coagulation instruments for open surgery and endoscopic surgery
  • Range meeting the requirements of all applications under Argon
  • ENDO CUT power specific for gastroscopy

Application in digestive endoscopy :

  • Reusable APC probes for gastro-intestinal applications
  • Reusable electrodes and probes with ceramic tip

Application in open surgery

  • APC Handles with buttons and APC electrodes for open surgery
  • Reusable Argon handle with manual control international plug