Dex Surgical is a French manufacturer of Robotized instruments dedicated in laparoscopic surgery.
Dex Surgical aims to make laparoscopic surgery safer and easier emphasizing patient outcomes.
Dex will modernize the way to perform delicate and challenging minimal invasive procedures.

Articulated handle

Ergonomic handling

Hand-held to preserve haptic feedback

Motorized control

  • Less in-surgery pain for surgeon
  • Improved confort

Short distal end

7 degrees of freedom

High distal rigidity

  • Precision and control
  • Allows access in tiny spaces

Full rotation

Smooth motion

Unlimited rotation

  • Movements repeatability
  • Short learning curve

User friendly

Two minutes set up time

Reusable and autoclavable

  • Surgeon remains in sterile field
  • Security for the patient

Range of instruments for laparoscopy Smart

Minimally invasive surgery

Precise, safe, reproducible and comfortable

  • Needle holder
  • Monopolar Scissor
  • Monopolar Maryland