Lamidey Noury Medical is a French company which has been designing, manufacturing  and selling electrosurgical units since 1947.

Universal and complete generator :

  • Conventional Monopolar and Bipolar powers
  • Touch screen with 80 preregistered programms library
  • Vessel Sealing and Thermocision powers
  • Plasma EDGE ready : bipolar plasma resection system
  • ARGON and Endosection capabilities
  • 4 high frequency outputs : 2 monopolar and 2 bipolar

The bipolar Plug & Play solution 

  • Plasma EDGE
    specific currents under saline irrigation (TURP, TURB,VAPORISATION, ENUCLEATION)
  • Vessel Sealing
    Secured Sealing with indication signal of sealing completion
  • Thermocision
  • A world premiere for dissecting, sealing and cutting vessels with a single instrument

The most versatile, efficient and affordable unit

  • Conventional Monopolar and Bipolar powers
  • Vessel sealing and Thermocision powers
  • Plasma EDGE ready: bipolar plasma resection system
  • Argon and Endosection capabilities  

low power energy platform

  • 200 W, monopolar, bipolar
  • Ambulatory Surgery and minor surgery
  • reliable, cost-saving and versatile