While serving surgery for 70 years, Lamidey Noury ​​has become the reference in the field of electro-surgery.
This mastery of high frequency power electronics has enabled us to develop new applications for Vessel Sealing and plasma saline resection.

To ensure optimal results for the surgeons, we have designed and manufactured instruments, which are dedicated to these applications and adapted to the energies of our electro-surgical platforms, in order to provide comprehensive and efficient solutions.
Building on this expertise in energy and instrumentation, we developped a strong partnership with Dex Surgical robot for robotized laparoscopic surgery

Lamidey Noury ​​designs and manufactures all the marketed products in its sites of Verrières le Buisson and Besançon. In order to better control our processes, we transform plastic, silicone and alloys by ourselves and assembly our products in our own plants in France.
We have a direct marketing team in France and sales partners in more than 50 countries.